Cooperation with partner countries in ERASMUS+ PROJECT KA107-035107

Cooperation with partner countries in ERASMUS+ PROJECT KA107-035107

Announcements related to the call:

  • 30 October 2017: Selection results for outgoing staff within Mobility Flow OUT_STA_17_01 from HR to BA (Ranking list, Decision)


    Within the ERASMUS+ Project 2017-1-HR01-KA107-035107, referring to cooperation with higher education institutions in the partner countries (in alphabetical order): Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Montenegro, Nigeria and Russian Federation, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, HR OSIJEK01 (abbreviation: UNIOS), announces the Call for applications for awarding financial supports to individual incoming and outgoing teaching and non-teaching staff mobilities, which objective is teaching or training at a selected partner higher education institution (further in the text: HEI) in a partner country, and the call for applications for individual incoming mobility of students for the purpose of studying at UNIOS. All incoming and outgoing activities supported within this call are coordinated and administered by UNIOS.

    Mobility activities refer to:

    Teaching activity supports teaching staff to teach at a selected partner HEI in a specific academic discipline.

    Training activity supports professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of scientific work or training events abroad (excluding conferences).

    Studying activity supports students in their individual learning within specific courses offered by UNIOS and the award of ECTS credits upon successful completion of the activity.

    The overall objective of individual mobilities to be realized within this project call is intensification of international cooperation, development of institutional capacities for international mobility, internationalization of curriculum, strengthening of social dimension in international exchanges, strengthening of international partner network, and development of professional scientific and teaching skills with sustainable impact on long-term cooperation activities.

    Financial supports are awarded to teaching and non-teaching staff members of UNIOS, and to teaching and non-teaching staff members and students of the partner universities, as defined in the Call for applications.

    Individual staff and student mobilities are to be realized according to the Mobility Flow Plan. Within this call, applicants can submit one application for one mobility activity.

    Teaching and non-teaching staff members have to be employed by the sending HEI throughout the whole process of application and realization of mobility. Students need to be enrolled in a regular study program organized by the sending HEI and have to hold a student status during the whole process of application and realization of mobility.

    Eligible period for realization of mobility for STAFF approved within this call is:
    01 November 2017 – 31 July 2019

    Eligible period for realization of mobility for STUDENTS approved within this call is:
    01 March 2018 – 31 July 2019

    Within this project call, staff can spend a teaching or training period abroad in duration specified in the Mobility Flow Plan, with financial support awarded from the project budget.

    Students are invited to UNIOS for studying in duration of one semester during the academic years 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 (maximum 5 months per student).

    Longer stays are possible only without financial support. The grant for staff and students will provide funding for maximum two additional days of travel (one before and one after the mobility). Once started, the mobility activity cannot be interrupted.

    The referential amounts awarded as a mobility grant to each selected participant are consisting of daily allowance (per diem) for staff, or of monthly grant for students, and of travel cost calculated by the tool EC Distance Calculator defined according to distance band from the place of official seat of the sending university to the place of official seat of the receiving university.

    Overview of referential amounts and travel costs is available in the document Call for applications. Staff or students with disabilities or special needs are eligible to receive increased amount of daily allowance and travel cost.

    Signed Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement between programme and partner countries is a precondition for individual staff mobility realization between UNIOS and each partner HEI. By signing the inter-institutional agreement, Partner-Country HEI agrees to comply with all principles and rules of the Erasmus+ programme. The Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement has to be in force before the beginning of each mobility period.



    1. Application form for staff mobility
    2. Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching or Staff Mobility agreement for Training
    3. Acceptance Letter of the Inviting HEI
    4. Curriculum Vitae (Europass form)
    5. Confirmation of the employer (home HEI) about the applicant’s employment status
    6. Proof of citizenship (copy of passport, or certificate of nationality)




    1. Application form for student mobility
    2. Student Learning agreement for studies
    3. Erasmus+ Student Nomination form signed by the Sending HEI
    4. Curriculum Vitae (Europass form)
    5. Confirmation of the home HEI about the student’s status
    6. Proof of citizenship (copy of passport, or certificate of nationality)


    All application documents shall be prepared in English language.


    By submitting the application to this call, all applicants agree that the University of Osijek publishes their personal data on the web page within the selection procedures and further uses their personal data within the administration procedures and reporting.


    Complete applications shall be scanned / converted into one .pdf document and sent electronically to the address:

    APPLICATION DEADLINE is not fixed. APPLICATION PERIOD is open until all available mobility places are reserved. 

    Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be eligible for assessment process. Detailed information about the application process, assessment and realization of mobility are described in the Call for applications.


    Contact for further information:
    UNIOS International Relations Office
    Phone: +385 31 224 171

    The ERASMUS+ Project 2016-1-HR01-KA107-021828 is supported by the EC Erasmus+ programme and realized in cooperation with the Croatian National Agency for Mobility and EU programmes Zagreb.