36 months (3 years; 6 semesters)

Level of qualification:
Postgraduate Doctoral (Ph.D.) Study Programme in European Studies (Level 8.2 of the Croatian Qualifications Framework)

Language of instruction:

Mode of study:
Full-time and Part-time

Minimum ECTS credits:
300 (for application)
180 (for qualification)


Learning outcomes of the Programme:

LO 1: Identify, analyse and thoroughly reflect on research ethics in projects and research areas included by the doctoral study programme.

LO 2: Carry out research and disseminate research results with academic integrity and in accordance with the values, principles and standards promoted by the academic community.

LO 3: Identify and define independently research problems and do research independently in the field of European Studies.

LO 4: Address critically opposing attitudes in the fields of one’s research, as well as in relation to research of other stakeholders.

LO 5: Manage and participate in complex interdisciplinary tasks and research in the field of European Studies.

LO 6: Evaluate existing and encourage the application of new research methodologies in the field of European Studies.

LO 7: Participate in national and international scientific debates in the field of one’s research.


Structure of the Programme (in ECTS)