Rapid advancement in science and technology and their successful application present a challenge for modern society based on knowledge, hence the University of Osijek encourages the cooperation of scientists and researchers with the economic sector, to achieve faster technological and economic development and the inclusion of the University in the European science and technology trends.

Today, perhaps more than ever, production capability (the design of new products, technological processes and systems) is the condition for survival in the global market. With the aim of encouraging research, development and innovations, as well as linking science with the economic sector, the University of Osijek has been successfully cooperating with various business entities for years.

Cooperation is based on education and knowledge advancement, participation and assistance in solving various research and development problems, consultations and expertise.

Since the development and application of intelligent automated production systems in modern production is one of the main scientific and professional challenges of today with the aim of improving work conditions, the constituent units of the University of Osijek have been cooperating with numerous business entities in the fields of electrical engineering, automation and robotics, telecommunications and computer science, computer engineering and mechanical engineering.

In the field of social sciences (economics and management), cooperation has been established with the Croatian Employers’ Association and companies on joint research projects, investment studies, and feasibility studies of projects.

In the field of biotechnology, successful cooperation has been established with business entities in agriculture, food production and processing, and the chemical industry. Research in this field is focused on: the development and improvement of high-quality food production processes; food safety; the increase of process efficiency in food and chemical industries; nutrition and health-related habits; the creation of new, environmentally sustainable practices in plant and animal species cultivation and the implementation of modern technologies, where special attention is paid to preservation and the acceptable use of natural resources and environmental protection.

In the field of natural sciences, successful cooperation has been established with the business sector, primarily within research projects managed by scientists from the University of Osijek and by research teams from the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.