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Mission of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek is determined by the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education, by the University Statute and defined activities: teaching and research, which main purpose is to transfer knowledge and prepare graduates for professional work.

The University of Osijek is an educational institution that connects scientific research, artistic creation, teaching and studying to develop science, profession and art, it prepares students for professional work based on scientific knowledge and methods, as well as artistic value, it educates young researchers, participates in realization of students’ social interests and promotes international, particularly European cooperation in higher education, and in scientific and artistic activities. 

The purpose of the University is to involve students in scientific research activities and to develop the scientific spirit in order to develop students’ critical attitude and openness towards new knowledge and simultaneously develop their personality and team work ability, to accept moral and ethical principles as a prerequisite by which they will contribute to development of a democratic society and become involved in the European knowledge community.

In accordance with the above definition and mission of the University, it is evident that higher education is of utmost importance for the social community, because higher education contributes to regional and national development of the society.

University fulfills its role through the academic education at its faculties, university departments and the Academy of Arts, within university and professional studies, which primary activity is teaching and transfer of knowledge to new generations, in accordance with legal and statutory provisions.


According to the reached level of development, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek tends to step forward towards new competitive advantages in order to become a desirable place for studying and working.

Its development is based on the rich cultural and historical heritage in the regional and central European context. It also seeks to preserve traditional values and particularities of higher education that it inherits over three centuries.

Within the University of Osijek’s vision, the main guidelines are the development of modern, autonomous, research-oriented, educational and innovation center that enable:

  • reaching the level of being recognizable within particular scientific fields and branches,
  • establishment of scientific centers of excellence,
  • foundation of university institutes,
  • establishment of scientific-technology park „Tehnopolis“,
  • technology transfer,
  • implementation of the Bologna process,
  • preparation of new study programs and profiling of experts according to labor market demands at the area of Eastern Croatia,
  • establishment of interdisciplinary studies,
  • establishment of Centers for studies,
  • establishment of the Center for higher education quality,
  • establishment of the Center for lifelong learning,
  • enforcement of the scientific-teaching structure,
  • development of scientific research activity,
  • increase of scientific production,
  • establishment of doctoral schools,
  • involvement in the international science,
  • international and internal mobility of students,
  • widening of the integrative function,
  • realization of international and interuniversity cooperation within teaching and scientific activities,
  • establishment of the University office for audit and financial control, and
  • realization of the 3rd phase of the University campus construction and capital investments program.

In all segments of its activities, the University strives towards a uniform and well-coordinated action that will contribute to a high level of integration and to welfare of the Osijek academic community.

In the following long-term development, the University will focus on research and will establish university research center in various fields of science and in interdisciplinary research within doctoral schools, modeled after some well-known European doctoral schools.

The establishment of the scientific center of excellence in food production will bring together the best scientific potential in biotechnical sciences.

The establishment of the University Institute for scientific activity in one or more related scientific fields will be associated with the process of higher education at the University.

In the forthcoming period, it is necessary to establish the Scientific-technology Park for the purpose of commercialization of scientific results, encouragement of cooperation between scientists and executives and fostering the science-based economy. By establishing Scientific-technology Park “Tehnopolis”, the University would contribute to economic development in the Eastern Croatia.

The University should encourage innovations, critical thinking, creativity and tolerance in society. Today, the University should be open to change in all aspects of its activities and should provide new knowledge for 21st-century professionals. It should also contribute to increasing of the number of young researchers with a research career and to dissemination of scientific-research base and advanced networks for the purpose of knowledge spreading.  

Vision of the University is to develop creative and innovative strategies that will be applied through a strategic planning process and that will allow the University to successfully compete in its surroundings and to manage strategic issues, which are critical for the vision achievement.