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Flying to Croatia

The main Croatian airport is located in Zagreb and it is well connected to many European destinations. Osijek, however, has a local airport, which offers direct flight to Frankfurt/Hahn. There are no local airports in other University cities (Đakovo).

More information about timetables and destinations is available on the official site of Croatia Airlines and the Pleso Airport (, as well as on the web page of the Osijek Airport (

Railway travel

Croatia has direct railway links with many European countries and cities. Information about Croatian railways and connections to Osijek and Đakovo can be obtained at

Bus travel

Bus lines connect all parts of the country. Regular international bus lines connect Croatia with all neighbouring countries and with Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Slovakia. For information about national and international bus lines please check the site of Central Bus Station in Zagreb ( and the sites other bus stations in Osijek or Đakovo (

The easiest way to reach Osijek or Đakovo from abroad is to fly to Zagreb and to take a train to the respective city. The train service from Zagreb is frequent, safe and reliable.

Approximate road distance between Osijek and some European cities:

Vienna 556 km
Trieste 529 km
Milan 951 km
Zurich 1089 km
Munich 765 km
Athens 1300 km

Note: Your ESN buddy that will be appointed to assist you during your stay in Osijek or Đakovo, will be waiting for you at the railway or bus station in the respective city and will help you to accommodate after arrival. Therefore, it is advisable that you plan your arrival during daytime.