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Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

The University of Osijek (official abbreviation: UNIOS) is nowadays developing into a modern European higher education institution. It acts as a regional center of knowledge, research and excellence.

It comprises 18 academic constituents, listed according to scientific and artistic fields:


  • Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek
  • Faculty of Food Technology
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Department of Physics


  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Kinesiology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Catholic Faculty of Theology in Đakovo
  • Faculty of Tourism and Rural Development in Požega


  • Academy of Arts and Culture


All UNIOS units are located in Osijek, except for the Catholic Faculty of Theology, which is located in the town of Đakovo, and the Faculty of Tourism and Rural Development with its seat in Požega.

UNIOS organizes studies at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in the following fields: natural sciences, technical sciences, biomedicine and medicine, biotechnical sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. There are also studies within interdisciplinary fields.

All University studies are organized according to Bologna principles and ECTS is fully implemented at all levels.

There are three more affiliated institutions of the University of Osijek that contribute to high quality of student life and studying:

  • the City and University Library in Osijek,
  • the Student Centre in Osijek,
  • the Student Centre in the city of Đakovo,
  • the Student Centre in the city of Požega.


Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek has started to participate in the LLP Erasmus programme in 2009 by publishing the

and applying for the Erasmus Standard University Charter and Erasmus Extended University Charter.


Since 2014, UNIOS is involved in ERASMUS+ program, by publishing the ECHE Charter application and Policy Statement and obtaining the new ECHE Charter: 255170-LA-1-2014-1-HR-E4AKA1-ECHE.

In 2021, UNIOS obtained new Erasmus+ Charter for the period 2021-2027, thus continuing its active participation in all aspects of the Erasmus+ programme.

UNIOS Institutional Erasmus+ Factsheet contains basic information about organization of individual incoming mobilities for Erasmus+ exchange students and staff.