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At the most of University units the academic year is divided into two semesters. First winter semester starts in the first week of October and ends in January. First examination period takes place in February, and the second summer semester starts in the first week of March and lasts until the middle of June. The second examination period starts in the second part of June and lasts until the end of July. August is the time of summer vacation, and September refers to the third examination period.


Academic Calendar 2023/2024

  • Winter semester lectures / teaching period: 02 October 2023 – 26 January 2024
  • Christmas and New Year Holidays: 22 December 2023 – 06 January 2024
  • Mid-term exam period: 29 January 2024 – 23 February 2024
  • Summer semester lectures / teaching period: 26  February 2024 – 07 June 2024
  • Summer exam period: 10 June 2024 – 19 July 2024
  • Summer holidays: 22 July 2024 – 23 August 2024 (no classes or exams)

UNIOS Language Policy

The University of Osijek welcomes all students, scientists, teachers and staff that are interested in studying, research, teaching, professional training, or various educational and scientific activities that comply with the University strategy of development, its mission and vision. In its everyday activities, the University uses Croatian language as official language. Besides Croatian language, the University fosters and acknowledges the use of English language as a valuable instrument of communication in education and science, as well as in lifelong learning. The use of other languages, especially minority languages, is also encouraged. As of the University language policy, each minority language shall be treated equally, according to University human resources and capabilities. According to the University international orientation, information about the University that is visible at international level shall be published in English language. Relevant web sites shall be translated in English language. University student organizations shall also provide relevant information in English language. All publications shall be made electronically available.

Courses to be studied at UNIOS

Official language of instruction at UNIOS is Croatian. At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek there are study programs of English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, and Hungarian language, which are taught in the respective foreign language.

Courses that are offered in English and other foreign languages are listed in the section about University Units. In coordination with Erasmus coordinators at home, prospective Erasmus students are advised to prepare a preliminary learning agreement before arriving in Osijek. As changes may always occur, please check our web pages for updated information.

If having sufficient knowledge of Croatian language, Erasmus incoming students are welcome to attend lectures held in Croatian. For more information about courses held in Croatian, please contact us via e-mail erasmus@unios.hr. We will be glad to provide particular information about available courses within specific study program upon your request.


Croatian Language – Preparatory Course

Our Erasmus students can choose Croatian language course as a preparatory course which will provide the students with basic knowledge of Croatian language and culture. The course is organized free of charge for all exchange students. The course is organized in each semester usually twice a week. It lasts for 70 teaching hours. A total of 6 ECTS is awarded upon successful completion of the course. The exam is organized in form of written and oral assessment.


Explanation of Croatian grading system

National grading system consists of five (5) grades with numerical equivalents, 5 being the highest grade:

  • izvrstan (5) – excellent (5);
  • vrlo dobar (4) – very good (4);
  • dobar (3) – good (3);
  • dovoljan (2) – sufficient (2);
  • nedovoljan (1) – insufficient (1)

Comparison to ECTS

ECTS SCALE Croatian grade
86-100% A Excellent excellent (5)
71-85% B Above average very good (4)
56-70% C Average good (3)
50-55% D Below average sufficient (2)
40-49% E Fail insufficient (1)
25-39% FX Fail insufficient (1)
0-24% F Fail insufficient (1)

City and University Library

The City and University library in Osijek is located in the Europe Avenue and is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Prior to using library facilities, services and computer rooms, students need to register and obtain a member card. Within the Library, there is an American Corner and Austrian reading room, holding books and magazines in English and German language, respectively.

Besides the main City and University library, there are libraries at each University unit, providing its students with print, audio and visual materials and other information services within particular scientific area.