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LLP Erasmus Program
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Outgoing student and staff mobility 2008-2011

Participation in Erasmus is seen as a main tool to promote student and academic mobility at UNIOS and to fulfill University strategic objective related to promotion of international ties and more intensive development of international cooperation. Promotion of academic mobility through participation in the Erasmus program is expected to induce positive changes in the everyday university life, at individual, institutional and community level. Students and staff with international academic experience are identified as promoters of international dimension in higher education and contributors to faster involvement of our University in current European trends.

University of Osijek obtained Erasmus University Charter in 2009, upon which it has become eligible to participate in the Erasmus program. In the academic year 2008/2009 UNIOS carried out the Bilateral Mobility Program, which served as a sort of pilot project for Erasmus participation. Since academic year 2009/2010 UNIOS organizes outgoing mobility for its students and staff, and in the period 2008-2011, a total of 79 students realized the mobility for the purpose of study and 9 students for the purpose of practical training. Overview of realized outgoing student mobilities is presented in graphs 1 and 2.

Graph 1. Outgoing student mobility at UNIOS, 2008 - 2011

Graph 2. Duration of outgoing student mobility at UNIOS, 2008-2011 (in months)

Referring to outgoing staff mobility in the period 2008-2011, a total of 27 staff members realized the mobility, of whom 10 teachers realized teaching activities and 17 members participated in professional training. Prikazu 3 i Prikazu 4. Overview of outgoing staff mobilities is presented in graphs 3 and 4.

Graph 3. Outgoing staff mobility at UNIOS, 2008 - 2011

Graph 4. Duration of outgoing staff mobility at UNIOS, 2008-2011 (in days)

Erasmus Bilateral Agreements

UNIOS Erasmus Key data 2013/2014

Erasmus – incoming mobility

Implementing principles of the Bologna process and preparing to accept exchange students, all study programs offered at University of Osijek are carried out in line with Bologna principles. ECTS has been introduced to all curricula subjects and modules. In order to promote lifelong learning, different measures were taken in order to assure full transferability of credits to different levels of study.

In order to prepare for participation in the Erasmus program, the University International Relations Office has prepared Erasmus Student Guide (, a brochure that provides information for foreign students, such as pre-arrival arrangements, visa, arrangement for accommodation, etc. Documents for incoming students (application form, Transcript of Records, info packages) are available on the above mentioned web page.
Each University unit has appointed Erasmus academic and administrative coordinators who are in charge of the incoming students and teacher mobility.

Within the University there are three Student Centers, two in Osijek and one in Slavonski Brod. Student centers provide services for students, regarding food and accommodation. With different clubs and other facilities such as fitness center, grocery shops, bars and theatre, Student Centers are also centers of students’ social life.

In the academic year 2011/2012, University of Osijek accepted the first group of Erasmus incoming students. In the winter semester 2011/2012, at the University of Osijek study six incoming students from Hungary, Poland and Austria, although in summer semester we expect larger number of incoming students. University of Osijek has booked several rooms in student dormitories for the purpose of accommodation of incoming students. International Relations Office has organized the Erasmus Friend Network among home students with personal Erasmus experience. Erasmus friends are actively involved in the acceptance of incoming students. Their duties refer to tutoring, integration activities and organization of social events. Intensive course in Croatian language is offered to all incoming students for free.

University of Osijek accepts fundamental principles of the Erasmus program: mobility will be realized within bilateral agreements; University fees will not be charged to incoming Erasmus students; all Erasmus students will be guaranteed full recognition of completed activities as specified in the Learning Agreement, all documents (Transcript of Records, Statement of Host Institution) will contain accurate information on the mobility period.

University of Osijek dedicates itself to make all information about admission and curriculum up to date, transparent and easily accessible via web pages; to ensure that all incoming students will be equally treated, socially integrated and given the same opportunities as home students; to follow non-discriminatory University policies, to provide high quality administrative and academic services for exchange students and teachers, to promote activities supported by the Erasmus program and to stimulate the use of English language as a language of instruction.